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April 2008


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Apr. 3rd, 2008

margaery tyrell



I hereby declare the March 2008 Remus/Tonks Challenge to be closed.

Thank you all for your participation, and stay tuned for further instructions ;)

Apr. 2nd, 2008



Favorite Things

Title: Nymphadora's Favorite Things
Author: Merryb87
Rating & Word Count: Heavy R; 248
Prompt: #8:Sex contains all...
Summary: Tonks thought there was nothing better than kissing Remus Lupin
Warnings: Implied sex, but not graphic. Perhaps some run-ons. Sorry folks, it's not happy/funny like my last one.

Notes: For sure my last entry in this fic-a-ton, sorry for it being late, But I love reading and writing everything and I can't wait to do it next time!

Nymphadora's Favorite ThingsCollapse )
my precious deadly Sith Inquisitor


The Vacant Interstellar Spaces

Title: The Vacant Interstellar Spaces
Author: lady_moriel
Format & Word Count: Fic, 2,282 words
Rating: PG?
Prompt: 12, image of the Andromeda galaxy
Warning: DH spoilers; character death; fluff that turns into a little angst and then into a whole truckload of angst; more geekery and Eliot-quoting (from East Coker again).
Summary: Blacks pick names from the stars, so they are stargazing for their child. The name they pick ends up coming from the sky anyway.
Author's Note: I'm pretty sure Jo didn't tell us exactly how this all happened, so...I made stuff up. Originally this was just going to be fluff, only the stargazing bit, and...things happened.

Remus squinted upward. 'Isn’t that Betelguese? Funny name, even for the Blacks.'Collapse )
Aunt Moony


FIC: Love note.

Title: Love note
Author: rainsoulx
Rating & Word Count: PG-13, 456 words
Prompt: 32, 7
Warnings: I'm really sorry, but I couldn't help myself.
Summary: Tonks finds a note on the fridge.
Author's note: I wrote this story yesterday, and I didn't mean to copymerryb87
However, her story is far better than mine!  Many thanks to wonderful pinkhairedauror, a great Beta!

Apr. 1st, 2008



Remus Lupin's True Love

Title: Remus Lupin's True Love
Author: Merryb87
Rating & Word Count: PG-13; 758 Words
Prompt: #32
Summary: Tonks tries to seduce Remus.

Warnings: Please don't hate me for this...

Remus's True Love is...Collapse )
11  bowtie


Heaven With A Smidgen of Marmalade

Title: Heaven With A Smidgen of Marmalade
Author: cuban_sombrero
Format & Word Count: long drabble, 365 words
Rating: PG
Prompt: 17, She only drinks coffee at midnight
When the moment is not right
Her timing is quite unusual
You see her confidence is tragic
But her intuition magic
And the shape of her body--unusual"
Warnings: None
Summary: She rubs her stomach, taut like a drum, and wonders how the hell she can love this child when all it’s done is cause this pain and this misery and –
Author's Note:
I meant to post this yesterday, but I had to turn my computer off because of storms, so I'm hoping it's still March 31st somewhere in the world, even if it's not here. Happy April Fools day, everyone, and Happy Birthday Fred and George.


billie piper: nyc crown


Prompt 32


In at least 10,000 words, explore all the different ways in which Remus was only pretending to be in love with Tonks, while he was clearly in love with his dearly departed lover Sirius all this time, and simply did not have the nerve to tell Tonks. Feel free to write hot smut in which Tonks morphs herself to look like Sirius, or perhaps bring up the ways in which Tonks is obviously not really deserving of Remus' love. After all, we R/T shippers are all secretly R/S shippers in denial, and it's about time that we accepted the true canon-ness of Remus/Sirius! Extra points for buttsex!

Mar. 31st, 2008



(no subject)

Title: Be Back Soon
Author: fadewiththesong
Format & Word Count: Ficlet, 1273 words
Rating: G
Prompt: 7; post-it note on the refrigerator
Warnings: The ending's a bit rushed.
Summary: The relationship of Remus and Tonks told through a series of post-it notes.
Author's Note:



Fic: Spring rain

Title: Spring rain
Author: pinkhairedauror
Format & Word Count: Ficlet, 664 words
Rating: PG
Prompt: 31:
April is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

from The Waste Land – The Burial of the Dead by TS Eliot
Warnings: None, besides screwing up the prompt beyond recognition...
Summary: Spring. Spring showers. Tonks cannot run out in the rain... but she still won't stay indoors.
Author's Note: This isn't the crack I promised (sorry, gijane...) but at least it's NOT angst. I'd guess... slightly fluffy? Ah well.

She'll make you take your clothes off and go dancing in the rain...Collapse )
winterval icon


(no subject)

Title: Blossoming Romance
Author: carnivalgirl
Format & Word Count: Fic, 1098 words.
Rating: G
Prompt: Prompt 16, lipstick on mirror. Prompt 29, extract from "The Waste Land"
Warning: Silliness.
Summary: OotP era, a follow up from this fic. Having a bit of a wallow in self-pity after a meeting with an ex, Remus the apparent Marauder forgets about April Fools' Day on the 31st of March and wakes up the victim of a prank. But is it all down to Fred and George?
Author's Note: Pretend Fred and George had left school at this point (I only remembered the details after I'd written the fic). I was determined to make my last story fun despite the angsty prompt and I hope I managed it, because I've had so much fun this month and I'm sad it's over! Does anyone want to be Friends?


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