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R/T Challenge

March 2008: Not Forgotten

The Original Remus/Tonks Challenge
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Remus/Tonks challenge ficathon

rt_challenge is the first community specifically created for hosting Remus/Tonks ficathons.

The premise of each rt_challenge ficathon is simple: It lasts a whole month, with a new prompt for each day of the month. Each day you can post a fic, drabble, or art inspired by that day's prompt. You can post every day, or just whatever days suit your fancy.

The ficathon is open to all interested writers. Stories from G to NC-17 are welcome; however, all stories must feature Remus/Tonks as the main pairing.

Previous Ficathons:
August 2007 - The End is the Beginning
January 2007 - Ring In the New Year
June/July 2006 - A Year of Canon
April 2006 - Spring Is For Plotbunnies!
February 2006 - The All-You-Can-Write-Buffet

The header & layout change each time to reflect the current ficathon. Mods' icons by mithborien. Image prompts from Getty Images.

Founders/Mods/Fearless Leaders:

our sister comm:
rt_moonlighting (R/T fic recs)

challenges we've inspired:


The following format should be used for posting stories:

Format & Word Count: [Drabble/Fic/skit/interpretive dance/whatever you're posting + word count]
Warning: [ex: sex, character death, clown porn, DH SPOILERS, etc]
Author's Note: [if desired]

< lj-cut > YOUR FIC HERE < /lj-cut > [remember to remove the spaces or it won't work]

Please tag all posts with your username and the prompt number. For example:

Tags: yourname, prompt 1

Per our Rules, we already require the contents of each fic to be under an lj-cut. Authors are welcome to post their own spoiler warnings. However this is considered a courtesy and NOT MANDATORY.

Conversely, any fic that is purposely AU, or written before the release of DH, or in any other way non-canon-compliant, is required to be labeled as such, or else you will probably find yourself the subject of harsh criticism by any one of our resident canon nazis. ;)</b>


Anyone may friend the community to read entries. In order to participate in the ficathon and post your fics, you MUST do the following:
  • JOIN the community.
  • READ the Rules/FAQ post and comment to the post.
  • After you have done the above, a mod will give you posting access.

Until you do this, you will not be permitted to post to the community (although you can still post comments/review fics).
This is to make sure that all the authors participating are familiar with how the ficathon works.

Once you are given posting access, you have it permanently. You do not need to reapply for each ficathon.

Questions, comments, squeeing and bitching may all be sent to jadeddiva or sparkly_stuff.

Disclaimer: Remus, Tonks, and all other Harry Potter characters, places, and events are the property of JK Rowling and her publishers. No infringement is intended and we only wish we could make money off of this.

Disclaimer the Second: The rt_challenge concept, rules, layout, and format were created by jadeddiva and sparkly_stuff with help from our co-mods. If you are interested in using any of our ideas for your own community, would like to help improve this community, or have any ideas for future challenges, please let us know first by leaving a comment in any mod post or emailing a mod personally. Please do not use any part of this community without proper credit. Thank you very much.